Co-op Program

Maple Leaf Foods offers co-op opportunities across our diverse business units such as Marketing, Information Solutions, Finance, Product Development, Food Safety & Quality Assurance and more! Our Co-op Program is a great learning opportunity for passionate and driven students who are looking to gain valuable experiences, build their skills and explore a variety of career paths.

What We Offer

Being a co-op student means making many important decisions but we want this to be one of your easiest decisions by providing you with:

  • Exposure to senior leaders, internal & external stakeholders
  • Training and development through Maple Leaf's Leadership Learning Hub and through learning in-person learning workshops
  • Opportunity to participate in Taste Testings of new product offerings
  • Potential opportunity to be part of the New Graduate Career Development Program after graduation
  • Competitive salary supported by flexible work hours supported by technology that allows them to work from anywhere on any device

Co-op Program

Co-op Program

Maple Leaf Foods is a leading Canadian protein company that has a history of developing top talent through the co-op program which has existed for many years and counting with co-op students from more than 50 diverse programs of study. We understand how important a co-op position can be for student’s professional growth and we’re constantly working on providing students the best experience to accelerate their career.

Digital Innovation Program

Digital Innovation Program

The Digital Innovation Barn is a 4-8 month hackathon program which aims to bring new talent to the forefront allowing them to change the status quo and bring new innovation to Maple Leaf Foods. Students in the Digital Innovation Barn have complete ownership of building a solution from start to finish by engaging key stakeholders, working with senior leaders and subject matter experts. Many of the past solutions built by the co-op students have been deployed across various locations. Check out our Digital Innovation website (built by co-op students) to see the projects past co-op students have worked on!

Digital Innovation Barn

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When to Apply

Co-op students are recruited during three different periods of the year (Fall, Winter & Summer).

Apply in:

  • May & June for fall placements
  • September & October for winter placements
  • January & February for summer placements

How to Apply

Co-op positions across the various departments of Maple Leaf Foods are posted at universities and college job boards across Canada. Look for these positions at your institutions co-op office.