Our Leadership Edge

At Maple Leaf Food we have a Leadership Edge, which is:
a commitment to be leaders in how we engage and develop our people - a culture that supports people to thrive and reach their full potential - an expectation that our people will take a stand, pursue excellence and create the future

How We Develop Our People

What you get from maple leaf
  • Talented people to work with
  • Interesting work
  • Feedback and coaching
  • Learning opportunities
  • Career opportunities
What we look for in return
  • Values-based behaviours
  • High quality work
  • Self-reflection and humility
  • Capabilities and expertise
  • Initiative and flexibility

When we sum up what you will experience working here, there is a strong emphasis on feedback and initiative, and development is a shared responsibility.

Performance Feedback & Development

Performance feedback is the cornerstone of personal growth. We provide open and honest dialogue so our people know where they stand and where they are going in their careers. During one-on-one meetings with their managers, our people discuss performance and career goals, set objectives and create personalized development plans to become stronger in their current roles or prepare for future roles.

Work and Career Experiences

Our people tell us that the most meaningful development comes from doing interesting work with talented people. We are active and creative in finding work experiences that build or strengthen skills and create interesting career paths.

Self-Directed Learning

We provide resources that help our people benefit from self-directed learning opportunities, collaboration and knowledge sharing. We provide e-courses, learning labs, newsletters, videos, articles, social media groups and a variety of other resources to deliver information when and where people want to use it.


We have targeted training for all our people – whether they work in our plants, our executive team or any other part of the company. Our training programs develop leadership ability, personal effectiveness and functional capability. Training sessions are often presented by Maple Leaf leaders, who are experts in their areas and know best what it takes to be successful at Maple Leaf.


Informal coaching takes place every day between managers and employees, across peer groups and between senior leaders and colleagues. Our Coaching Leaders training program builds skill in our managers so they can effectively coach and develop their people.

Recognition and Rewards

We empower our people to reward peers who make great contributions to Maple Leaf. Our Bravo Bonus program, with a cash award, recognizes people all through the year for living our Values. Our unique annual Values Awards program, with a trip to an exotic location, recognizes people who demonstrate exceptional behaviours in doing their jobs.